About The Artist

Todd Tremeer is a painter and printmaker with a lifelong fascination with museums, history and art. He has studied and travelled extensively in Europe. He is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, the University of Guelph and recently, completed his Master’s of Fine Arts at the University of Western Ontario. He frequently teaches art in the schools, in public galleries and has taught at various colleges and universities. His historical murals decorate Main Street Bowmanville.

My working process:

“I spend a lot of time in museums. I usually take a sketchbook or paint box with me to draw and paint what I see. For me the museum is a place of wonder. Drawing and painting within them is my means for sustained looking. I prefer to work from direct observation. Museum displays often serve as points of departure for my ideas. Outdoors, landscape painting enables a prolonged period of observation. In the studio, props, miniatures and photography inform my practice.

I am interested in how history is represented—what is shown—what is absent. I love the quirky realism inherent in miniature dioramas.”

Mural by Todd Tremeer for the Royal Canadian Legion
Historically themed mural by the artist in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Above: two of the many historically themed murals by the artist in Bowmanville, Ontario.