Intaglio Etching Press, Homemade.

Intaglio Etching Press, Homemade.
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New Etching Press.

Launching my artist blog tonight with a photo of my new etching press. I wanted a press I could take apart to move easily and a press that could print lino-blocks and etching plates at least 10 inches wide. This press bed measures 14 x 38 inches. Two people can carry the press with ease and since I built it, I know how to take it apart with just a couple of wrenches. I'm super excited to start making new intaglio drypoints, mezzotints and etchings.

Press bed - 1/2 PVC white plastic sheeting. Strong, smooth, white, lighter than steel and much cheaper than stainless steel options.

Blankets, from Brand Felt Ltd.

Code F-3 1/8th inch thick light grey/brown thick, dense and hard for the top 'pusher blanket'.

Code F-10 1/4 inch thick, softest white, 100% wool 'cushion blanket'.

Code 285W wool/synthetic blend material manufactured to wick-up moisture. 1/8th inch thick, soft and flexible. White color 'size catcher.'

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