Art Teaching


War Dioramas: grade 10

Students reconstruct Second World War photographs as a black and white photograph.


Flying Machines: grades 5-8

Groups of students work together to make large flying machines. Sculptures are made of wood. Paper is stretched over their frames and painted.

Ruined City Miniatures

City in Ruins: grade 11

Students created miniature dioramas of their downtown after imagining it abandoned or destroyed.


Building for Theatre: grade 11-12

Students transformed a small historical painting into a theatre set. The project was animated by projecting the original source image upon the set and with the help of the dance department’s performance.


Medieval Town: grade 4-5

This class recreated a house or business in a medieval town. Students researched, made rough drawings and constructed their dioramas using cardboard, collage, printmaking and painting techniques. Students mapped their town on the last day.


A Painting Transformed: grade 10

Students selected a painting from art history. Then with cardboard, collage and monoprint, transformed it into a diorama.

relief thumb

Ancient Reliefs: grade 9

Using cardboard, papier mâché and some white chalk, students recreate a relief sculpture from ancient history.


Linocut Printmaking: grade 8

Students have created wild and wonderful beasts while other classes recreate First World War photographs. These postcard size prints use reduction-block print techniques.


Shakespeare’s Theatre

Students work as a group to recreate Shakespeare’s theatre in miniature. Students practiced mapping, measurement and building techniques.


Canadian History: grade 7-8:

Students recreated some aspect of Canadian history: a 19th century fort, First War trench, school house, factory or general store. They used cardboard, paint, mono-printing and collage in their designs.


Printmaking, Drawing, Sculpture: grade 1-3

Students use lino-block stamps and freehand drawing to create panoramic views on large sheets of paper. Hot air balloon images were created using drypoint printmaking processes and an etching press. See a class of animal heads made by cutting and folding construction paper; also self-portraits made with oil pastels.


Making Machines: grade 7-8

Students worked in small groups to create a machine that could stir a cup of coffee. Groups made preliminary drawings, used a variety of materials and a 9 volt battery. Prototypes were tested.